About Our Dorset Hog Roast Catering Company

As Dorset’s leading hog roast company and expert event caterers, we have the experience and versatility to ensure your event is a resounding success. When you select us for your Dorset event, you’re choosing the finest hog roasts in the county and a menu crafted precisely to your needs.

Our hog roast catering services in Dorset

Hog Roast DorsetFrom its ancient Jurassic Coast and beautiful beaches to vibrant towns and sweeping countryside, what isn’t there to love about Dorset? Here at Hog Roast Dorset, we feel greatly honored that we provide catering services in such a lovely part of the UK and it is our versatility that enables us to be able to cater in such a wide array of locations in Dorset. We can provide fantastic freshly made food in any setting in Dorset and help our clients turn their events into memorable occasions for everyone who attends by contributing an unbeatable standard of food and service.

We can travel to and cater in just about any type of venue in Dorset and our expertise and experience when it comes to outdoor dining is something that is particularly appreciated by our clients. That doesn’t mean that indoor settings are off-limits to us though. If you would prefer to host your event indoors whilst still enjoying the scenic views that Dorset has to offer without having to worry about the weather, there are a range of indoor venues that are suitable for us to cater in. We are comfortable catering in just about any environment in Dorset, whether you are planning a celebration on the coast, a party in a rural setting or a more formal event in an urban environment. Because we always adapt our approach, menu and style of service for each individual event we cater for, the Hog Roast Dorset team always feel at home wherever we are catering.

Our precise catering standards

Hog Roast Dorset’s catering team are constantly on the move and catering in so many different locations around the county on a regular basis. Although the events we cater for may be very different from each other and the venues we cater in may also vary Hog Roast Dorsetgreatly, we always apply the same high standards every time when it comes to the quality of our ingredients and our food preparation methods. All of the food on our broad-ranging menus is made from scratch by on-site on the day of the event. This is something that we never compromise on and we are able to swiftly settle into our allotted food preparation area at any venue and get to work creating all of our lovely freshly made dishes whilst the meat is cooking.

Cooking a hog until it is melting-in-the-mouth is a patient process that takes several hours. We will arrive on-site well in advance of your event, and immediately fire up our hog roast machine to get the delicate cooking process underway. Whilst our chef is taking care of the meat, the other members of our dexterous catering team will make the rest of your menu, whether it be a diverse buffet or a complex 3-course meal. No matter how many dishes we are preparing, we will bring it all together right on time and ensure all of your food is attractively presented ready for your guests to enjoy. All of our fresh food is made from the best locally sourced produce available in Dorset and the finest free-range meat that is sourced from reputable UK producers who adhere to strict ethical rearing methods.

Our cutting-edge hog roast equipment

Any skilled professional needs the right tools to be able to do their job to a high standard and this is certainly true where catering is concerned. Luckily here at Hog Roast Dorset we have the most advanced hog roast catering equipment available in our field, that is designed and manufactured at Spitting Pig’s UK workshop. Our cutting-Hog Roast Dorsetedge catering equipment assists our creative catering team to consistently prepare perfectly cooked pork for any number of people. Our spit roasting method is just as effective with lots of other different meats too so if you would like to try something other than our classic pork, or you want an additional meat choice for a larger event, we can provide whole roasted rotisserie- style chicken, sirloin of beef or tender spring lamb for example.

Our incredibly versatile catering equipment also comes with a range of features that allows us to provide a sizzling barbecue feast and prepare vegetables and potato dishes at the same time as the meat. We can prepare a very large volume of fresh food in one go and we don’t require any extra facilities on site or even a power supply. So, if we are catering for your event, you can host your event anywhere you choose whilst being assured that our multi-functional and self-sufficient catering equipment will be able to help us provide the variety and standard of food that you require for your event.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about any of our event catering services, give us a call here at Hog Roast Dorset today!