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If, like us, you believe that communication should be a straightforward and effortless process, then look no further than Hog Roast Weymouth!

We are proud to have remained Weymouth’s favourite hog roast caterer for almost three decades now. And we’re are at your service whenever you need us to provide your upcoming event with deliciously aromatic and authentic flavours that will have your guests queuing up for extra helpings.

But first, you’ll have to let us know what kind of catering plan you’re looking for – remember, we live for those minute details; so feel free to be as specific as you like.

How about an extravagant, three-course, sit-down dinner kitted out with exoticHog Roast Dorset appetisers, gourmet antipasti platters and a drinks service, followed by a heavenly dessert option for afters? Or, why not kick-back with a more relaxed and informal set-up of overflowing rolls of hog meat?

The beauty of hog roasts is their versatility, which makes them a welcome addition to any event. And we certainly have plenty of menus for you to choose from, which can be, easily customised to suit whatever vibe you’re hoping to create. So, your options are truly limitless when you book with Hog Roast Weymouth!

If you’ve had some time to take a quick look through our site, and have decided that you want to hire us for your next event, or even if you just want to learn a little bit more about us before committing, then feel free to get in touch with our team today. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have, and our expert caterers are always delighted to impart some valuable advice onto our new customers.

At Hog Roast Weymouth, you’ll find that our primary focus is on helping you get the most out of your event by assisting you as you explore our comprehensive range of service options. While this expansive collection of dining plans might seem a little overwhelming at first, we’re confident that with our catering manager guiding you through every step of the process, you’ll be sure to find your ideal menu with zero effort.

Not only do our team work hard to ensure that you receive an entirely bespoke menu, but we also make sure that it is served, exactly when you need it to be.

Usually, this means our caterers will arrive at your chosen venue, up to nine hours in advance, to ensure the meat is fully cooked ahead of the serving time. In rare occasions though, when advanced access to the event site isn’t available, our team can partially cook the meats at our HQ before finishing up at the party site.

Getting in touch with us also couldn’t be easier, as to ensure everyone’s communication preferences are catered to, Hog Roast Weymouth offers three main methods of contact.

Hog Roast DorsetOur enquiry form is probably the quickest and most popular way that you can reach out to us. After supplying us with some basic info about your celebration (i.e. your name, location, event date, number of guests and contact details), a member of our team will get back with a quote. Similarly, you can go straight ahead and email us directly using the address provided. Or you can even find us on social media – we have active accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Hog Roast Weymouth also understands, though, that not everyone loves the notion of doing everything online. Some things are still better off being handled in person, which is why even after 20-some years, we continue to encourage our clients to give us a call if they would prefer talking to someone directly over the phone, where getting answers to those all-important questions is quick and easy.